Skynet offers you the tools to reclaim your freedom and explore your
online world with privacy and security on your side.

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Welcome To Skynet

With technology evolving more frequently than ever before and an increasing reliance on IoT devices,
smart appliances, E-com and online banking, cybersecurity is more important than ever. To urgently bridge
the gap between emerging technologies and its safe usage, Nitish Desai, Nikhil Mahadeshwar and
Amey Amre co-founded Skynet Softtech Pvt. Ltd. in2019. Skynet Softtech Pvt. Ltd. is a customer-centric
cyber security tech start-up that empowers individuals and businesses to safeguard and secure their
digital world from ever-evolving cyber threats.

Our Products

At Skynet, we aim to be the world’s leading experts on cybersecurity. Our method is to create
world-class cybersecurity products that will offer protection without hindering your online
experience in any way.


HackShield has the features of a gallery manger, password manager, anti-virus, network protector, and more in one simple app. The all-in-one protection ensures virtual privacy against data theft.


Hackshield Total Security

HackshieldTotal Security delivers an all-in-one PC digital security package with advance detection analysis,data protection, safe browsing, parental control, autorun manager and junk cleaner.

Skynet News

Catch the latest developments on Skynet and the world of cyber security.


Are you ready to fight a continuously evolving war in the new age cybersecurity? Does it
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