Who We Are

SkynetSofttech Pvt. Ltd. is a customer-centric cybersecurity tech start-up that empowers individuals
and businesses to safeguard and secure their digital world from ever-evolving cyber threats.

The company was co-founded by three entrepreneurs Nitish Desai, Nikhil Mahadeshwar and
AmeyAmre in March 2019, with a vision to make the digital world a safer place.

Skynet is committed to conceptualizing tech products for cybersecurity in this new age
of digital engagement.

Our Brand Promise

The lack of know-how and the tools to deal with cyber threats have been making the world a
soft target. At Skynet, we make it our personal responsibility to understand these cyber threats and
deal with it in a firm manner. We aim at making the cyber world as safe as we possibly can by using
our knowledge & expert base and by finding new cyber strong holds.

Our History

The genesis of Skynet can be traced back to when Nikhil Mahadeshwar (Digital Forensics Investigator and
Cyber Security Expert), who worked on some highly confidential cases for the Govt. of Maharashtra, India.
He decided to conceptualize a product to promote cyber security for individuals and companies due to his varied
investigative experience. Nikhil met Nitish Desai (Co-Founder and largest stakeholder of Skynet), another
like-minded individual with a keen interest in the cyber security space, who then came on board as a co-founder
along with Amey Amre and the three joined forces to form Skynet and begin development on their first
product for the market.

The Founders

& Managing Director


& Chief Technology Officer


Co-Founder, Director
& Head of Marketing


Our Vision

To become a household name and the leading cyber security company, offering cyber security
products and solutions, to safeguard virtual privacy of individuals or businesses from
cyber attacks across the globe.

Our Mission

To become the one-stop-solution for cyber security.