Skynet offers the freedom to take your devices online without worrying about phishing,
cyberattacks and other security threats with HackShield.

Our Products


HackShield is an anti-hacking, security
application for Android and iOS users with
multiple features to safeguard one’s virtual
privacy against data theft.


HackShield has the features of a Anti-Phishing, Password Manager, Vault, Secure Social Account,
Wi-Fi Security, Juice Jacking Prevention and more in 1 simple app. The complete mobile security
product ensures you get the best protection.


Securely store photos, and your most sensitive data or files

Password Manager

Generate, manage and store all your passwords

VPN Secure Tunne

Go beyond boundaries and use the internet securely

Safeguard Your PC From
The Latest Cyber Threats

A range of features that work actively to
safeguard your data and online activities on PC.


File Monitoring

HackShield File Monitoring offers you real-time protection by scanning and detecting any malicious file that can harm your PC.

Web Monitoring

HackShield Web Monitor helps you keep malicious websites at bay. This feature scans and detects any websites that have the potential to harm your PC.


Fireball blocks specific content from the website which are malicious. It acts as a defensive wall for your computer. It blocks unknown threats by blocking points.

Cyber Security For When
You Mean Business

Secure your entire network of systems and client
bridges actively.


Real-Time Protection

With HackShield Real-Time Protection be assured that your data is always protected.

Performance Enhancer

HackShield with its innovative technology protects against malicious software.

Data Protection

HackShield understands how important your data and privacy are to you.

Encrypt & Secure
Your PC Data

Get military grade protection for the data on your
device and secure it from thieves and ransomware.


Data Recovery

Restore and protect your data anytime
with HackShield Data Recovery.

Scan Now

HackShield Scan Now protects your data
by scanning it and displays any threat

Backup Now

HackShield Backup Now will back up all the
selected data in encrypted format, so that
ransomware encryption can’t overwrite it.